Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bring It On!!!

Hi friends and fellow crafters!
This is an exciting day here in our household. My son is gong to have a whole summer off starting today! I know this is may be a strange announcement to many of you, but those who know my son or have children that are differently abled, you know what I mean. Most of you know my son is Autistic and he has attended Extended School Year programs since I worked with other parents and one amazing teacher in Bayonne to get them started in 1994/1995. Up until this summer, he has always had some type schooling throughout the month of July and half of August. Last year was not a good school year for him, so when the new year rolled out, I was hopeful that he would have a better year. He was doing OK, until his bus driver had to leave her position in February. She drove him for almost 9 and a 1/2 years, so this was a monumental change for him. Sadly, the bus company that provides his transportation is uneducated or inept, to say the least, about providing a stable bus ride for him and the other students on the route, and the school year began to crumble. My DH and I made many attempts to drive him in, but that also was not part of his routine, so some attempts were successful, others,   not  so  much ....
We decided that this year, we would cut our son and our fellow tax payers a break, and give him a full Summer Vacation. My school board was not happy about his absences anyway, so this is my way of saying that I understand that our economy is completely messed up and I don't want to see anymore of our taxpayer money being wasted. So here we are, This may be one of the craziest decisions we have ever made or one of the best. I am not even going to consider what may happen come September and just take one day at a time. Things are sure going to be different here and I hope that I won't end up totally neglecting my crafting, but between my Son and my Mom, I may not be around too much, or who knows, I may be around more! Well life, let's do this! Bring the summer of 2011 on!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Many hugs, prayers and blessings on this summer of new beginnings!

  2. Thanks B! It looks like we will both have our sons under foot this summer!
    Love you lots!