Sunday, January 10, 2016

December Daily Days 7-13

December 7th was spent finishing up the mess I had made on the 6th! It was quite a disaster, but I have to say, it looks much less cluttered in the room now. Zakk was pretty grumpy with all the chaos going on. 
 December 8th is such a bittersweet day for me. It's my Mom's birthday. It was always such a happy day. We would usually put our tree up right around her birthday. In keeping with tradition, I put my tiny tree up.
 In my Daily, I added a folder that I put some special notes about my Mom and her picture into.
 Since the puppies are still young, only a year old now, I decided that putting up our regular tree wouldn't be a great idea. I bought a little 4 ft tree and put it on a table in front of the window where Spike, the cat, promptly knocked it down! and I was worried about the dogs!
 For the 9th, I added Kaylee's picture with Santa, She asked him for Paw Patrol toys for Christmas this year. She was such a good girl, that I am sure she will get lots and lots of Paw Patrol goodies!
 Sabrina sent me the cutest Christmas picture of Charles and Julia. Aren't they adorable!
 Kaylee decorated her Christmas tree on the 10th! She was so helpful!
The Santa on this page is on an acetate tag that my friend Nadia gave me an embroidered Angel on. The Angel is on the tree now, but I just couldn't throw out the tag. It is so pretty, she ran it through an embossing folder!
 To cover up the pop dot on the Santa, I added a small journaling spot on the back side of the tag. Kaylee had a great time decorating her tree! I love the picture of her with David! She is really into Christmas this year!
December 11th was spent cleaning up the front yard to get ready for the decorations.
 The pups love the warm weather we are having this winter!
 December 12 was spent putting the extra touches on the tiny tree. It's my beautiful friend Julie's birthday! I love my ornaments, there are so many memories attached to them.

 The 13th was back outside to finish out decorations and raking the leaves. Astro was jumping into the piles like a little child! It was so cute!

I am thrilled that I finished my book this year. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  1. Your book turned out fabulous. I love the addition of the grumpy cat Zakk and the tree conquerer Spike. The pups looked like they were having the time of their lives too. Of course little Kaylee is just a doll. Such sweet memories.

  2. Adorable pictures and it looks to be a wonderful time!! Great pages Colleen!!