Saturday, January 9, 2016

December Daily 2015 Days 1-6

My December Daily Book is finally finished! With so much happening over the holidays, I didn't even think to blog the pages, but here they are now. 
 The cover. I actually used a cover I started last year but never got any further on my daily. LOL! I added some extras to it like our name and of course a new year.
 Since Danny is a beast about taking pictures these days, I decided to start my book with one of my favorite Christmas pictures of him. I haven't decided what other pictures I am putting on the opposite pages yet.
 These pictures of Kaylee were taken when we went for her Christmas pictures on Nov. 30th, but since I loaded them in on the 1st and started my book. I just had to use them.
 My niece Sabrina was a sweetie and sent me some fun pictures of Matt and the children. Charles was in his school show on the 2nd. Although I missed it, I hear he was fantastic! I just adore him!
 Dec. 3rd: Time to finish and mail a Christmas pocket letter!
 I caught a rare moment of peace between Spike and Dino on the 4th!
 I also celebrate Grandma's birthday even though she isn't with us anymore. We miss her everyday. The 4th is a busy day! it's also Gemma's birthday! We have been friends since we are 18, and I can't imagine not knowing her! Since her birthday was during the week, we celebrated it on Saturday, Nov. 28th.
 The 5th was spent doing some housework, so I took a snapshot of our Christmas playlist.
On December 6th, I decided to rip down the shelves over my craft table. It left quite a mess that took a couple of days to clean up!

I will be back soon with more entries into my December Daily! Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Very fun! I just don't think I could be this disciplined!