Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Blog Award!

Butterfly Award!
I would like to thank Carolyn (MamaC) for awarding my blog the "Butterfly Award"! To accept the award, I must answer the following questions and then pass the award on to 10 other blogs.
Check out Carolyn's blog, here, it's wonderful! Mama C sent it to me on September 9th,  I am sorry I am so late in posting the thank you for her!

1. Name my favorite color.

2. Name my favorite song.
One In A Million by Larry Graham, my wedding song. Friends by Eric Johnson, and You by Gary Moore (Hubby and my "song" It was a little too fast for our first dance, so we choose One In A Million.
3. Name my favorite dessert.
Chocolate Ice Cream

4. What 'wizzes' me off at the moment?
5. My favorite pet.
I can't possible choose between my kitties and puppies! I love all of my guys the same!
6. Black or white?
7. Biggest fear.
Losing my loved ones
8. Best feature.
My DH says I have the kindest heart of anyone he has ever known. I like that description of me.
9. Everyday attitude.
Deal with whatever comes my way
10. What is perfection?
My son. He may not speak or be the class jock, clown, or valedictorian, but he knows no hatred and is just pure love
11. Guilty pleasure.
Watching Disney with my son. Some of the shows he watches I find to be very funny.
12. When I am upset I...

I have to pass this on to 10 other bloggers. I would like to award it to

1. Renee at
Stop by and see her fabulous work. I just started following her blog, it is lovely

2. Beth at
She is so talented and you have to see her AMAZING project on her blog. You'll know what I'm talking about it as soon as you get there.

3. Dayna Sabrina at
She made a gorgeous Gratitude journal featured at TheBugBytes. On her blog, she takes sketches to new heights.

4.  LaShavia at
She had a fabulous blog filled with all types of ideas.

5. Dana at
I also just started following her blog and I am obsessed with her hand-made stick pins.

6. Megan at
She can take a flea market find and turn it into something beautiful. I love her layouts too.

7. Donna at
Her cards are stunning! I love how she uses the Cricut and stamping to create her art.

8. Suzanne at
 Her blog is filled with fun ideas and challenges. My favorites are her Graphic 45 projects.

9. Diane at
She has a fun blog with fantastic ideas! Look around for her vinyl tee shirt. It's great!

10. Belinda at
Last, but my favorite! She is wonderfully talented. What I love most about her blog are her she weekly inspirational posts that are incredibly uplifting. She is an amazing person.


  1. You definitely deserve the award! Loved your answers! Congrats to everyone you chose to receive the beautiful Butterfly Award! I will check them out!

  2. thank you so much for the award, I am honored. I love you banner too. It is stunning. I love all of the elements especially the colors and the webs. As soon as I get a minute I will post your award on my blog.

    beth aka thunderbirdlindy

  3. Thank you so much Colleen! You are such a sweetie and I have so much mutual admiration for YOU as a person and an artist. I will try to get my award posted this week but this weekend has been crazy busy and THIS whole week will be worse-gotta make TWO Homecoming mums before Friday for my TWO boys' girls. Love ya!

  4. Thanks for the blog award, Colleen. I loved reading your answers. You are such a sweet and fun lady. So glad I found you and your blog. I am embarrassed to say I don't know how to post blog awards, so if you don't see this show up, it's not that I am not completely thrilled to receive it, it's just that I'm completely un-savvy on blogger. Thanks so much for kind words here and the ones you leave on my blog. I so appreciate your taking the time to come by and give me a shout out. ;)

  5. Thank you!
    Diane, just save the picture to your computer and you can put it on your blog. I copied and pasted the questions from MamaC and then edited them in the blog post.