Monday, July 11, 2011

E Gads! I am such a city girl!

 I was assisting my Mom to a friend's car the other day when I looked down and saw a bug I had never seen before.  Ok, I will admit that after I took the pictures and looked more closely,  I probably should have realized that it was just a caterpillar, LOL! It really had me going there for a few minutes though! I still  have no idea what it will become after metamorphosis, because where I come from, caterpillars have little fuzzy fur on them! This one looked like it wearing a disguise!

See that black mark? I thought that was an eye!   Silly, right? So why is this here on my crafting blog? Comcast upgraded to Xfinity, and when I would try to upload pics to my blog or message boards, the internet would shut down. This is a test, but you can still leave a comment if you choose, there just might be some candy in it!

Happy Bug Hunting!


  1. Looking at first I thought it was something you created that magnetic. Then I read your post (lol) It is huge,and unusual looking.

  2. Egads - that thing is creepy looking! I'll bet it morphs into something gorgeous, though. Hopefully. LOL.

  3. I love crazy looking caterpillars because it seems that they always turn into gorgeous butterflies! I found out your little friend is called a Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar and turns into a, you guessed it! GORGEOUS Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly! You can check it out here:
    So did you scoop him up and make a little habitat?? ;)

  4. Colleen,

    I have to agree with you. That is one ugly bug. I have never seen one like that either.


  5. I've never seen one like this, very interesting. TFS.