Sunday, May 4, 2014

Circleville National Scrapbooking Day, Day 2! Everything's Coming Up Rosettes!

Good afternoon and welcome to the second day of the Circleville's National Scrapbooking Day Weekend Celebration!
Today I am sharing another tutorial and challenge! This is much shorter than yesterday's post. :-)
I am talking about creating rosettes! I have never met a rosette I haven't loved! There is something cheerful about those strips of papers folded into flowery happiness! So for my first project, I am going to share a small rosette that was made without a machine. This is simple and fun to do. You will need paper, washi tape, hot glue, an edge and a small punch. the small punch can be any shape, I used a circle, and a non-stick mat. If you don't have a non-stick crafting mat, you can use a piece of wax paper, but be careful to watch that the wax doesn't melt.

For this tutorial, I cut my strips at 2 inches x 12 inches and punched the edges.

 Don't bother measuring to score, just score between the scallops. I do this by scoring from the scallop and score upwards. For funa nd color, I added a piece of Washi Tape to the center of the strip.
Below is how they will look scored.

 Use a really strong holding piece of tape to close your rosette ends. I use red tape.
It will look like this:
Next you will gather the rosette. I usually gently pinch the middle six pleats on the rosette and push them towards each other. The top pleats will follow, but you may need to help them out a little.
Ok, so now comes the tricky part. Get out your glue gun and get ready to, as my Dad used to say, "burn your hooks", LOL!  Take a glue dot and use it as a temporary hold for the back of your rosette.
Flip your rosette so the front is facing you and pour that glue in!

 Keep holding your rosette together for a couple of minutes until the glue sets.
 Once it is set, I use my little punched circle to add some strength to both sides of my rosette.

Now you are ready to decorate your rosette anyway you like. I used a little tulle bow and a button from October Afternoon's Travel Girl Collection.

Here is a idea for using your rosettes!
 This is a prototype of my Great Niece's 1st Birthday Party centerpieces. I will probably add some more decorations later.

To make rosettes using your Cricut, is even easier! I love my Ribbons and Rosettes Cartridge and now that the Cricut Explore will even score your rosettes, it doesn't get any easier!  I used the loop rosette from the cartridge in bright festive colors. I follow all the same step as above. I have a hint for making the rosettes come together easily. The last piece should tuck under the largest fold on the piece you attaching it to, but it doesn't always work that way. I have no idea why, and after going crazy the first few times I tried putting my rosettes together, I realized that for every other end, I would just need to tape them flush to each other. It may be hard to see in the picture below, but the orange and yellow are  pieces I taped flush. I hope that makes sense. LOL!

 Here are the rosettes assembled. They are for my Great Niece's I am One banner for her High Chair.

I am currently awaiting my nieces final say on the font for the banner. Here are the two choices that we have narrowed it down to. LOL!

 And here is choice 2.

Once again, I have a challenge for you! Make anything you'd like and include a rosette on it! You have until 11:59PM on May 11 to enter. You can add a link here, or post a project at the Circle Message Board. If you add a project here, you have an extra chance to win. I am giving the winner a 20.00 gift card to Michael's! 
If you want to see some amazing papercrafting and maybe even try a challenge or win a few pprizes, why not visit the blogs listed below. They are some of my crafty friends who are very talented!
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Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Your rosettes tutorial is awesome! I will have to try my hand at these for sure! Your instructions are the way!


  2. Always love your projects Colleen! Rosettes are not the easiest things for me to make (I have issues with using hot glue guns!) but I took you up on this challenge. And I didn't burn myself!

  3. This was fun and challenging at the same time! So glad you posted instructions. Love your rosettes!

  4. Thanks for sharing your talent. This was a fun one to participate in.